Pro game move guessing club

Would anyone like to guess professional moves with me?

  1. Start at Move 20, continue to Move 220
  2. A correct guess on the first try earns one point
  3. A correct guess in the first five tries earns half a point
  4. Post your score

This is Yamashita Keigo’s recent close win over Shida Tatsuya in the Kisei A League.

What is the procedure ? Guess move n, click once to check, guess move n+1, etc ?

So after the first try you have seen all moves?

It is a reasonably fun game. SmartGo had it as a feature, and hopefully will again soon.

I’ll give it a shot.

My first guess is what move 20 is, as I presume that’s what you meant, and then 220 is the last move I’ve guessed.

Score: 83 (only first guesses counted) [edited with recount]


  • I made a review so if the page refreshed or something I wouldn’t lose which ones I had guessed
  • I should’ve counted as I went along as it was very tedious to count afterward
  • The game seemed really hard to guess where the players would play. Even when a move they played was on my radar, it was much later than when I would’ve guessed, so I probably didn’t get it right at the right time.

I would like to find a way to make this easier though, because it’s not that fun to count up the scores. There’s no way I want count whether I got it in my first five tries, because it’s (a) too much hassle and (b) sometimes I just gave up and move onto the next guess, and those would be indistinguishable if I didn’t guess 5 times but say guess 3 times etc.

Oh I think I understand the idea now. Open the file at move n-1. Click on your guess. If the guess is correct you get 1 point and advance to move n. If the guess is incorrect you can see on the game tree that a new branch started, so you go back to move n-1 and can try 4 more times. If you are successful you get 0.5 point and advance, otherwise you get 0 point and advance anyway.

Do that for n=20,21,…,220.


That’s the way I interpreted it anyway.

I also think I have a bit of javascript code that I can probably use to count the score, at least for the case when there’s no branches = 1 point. It should make counting the score a bit less painful if people did want to try it in a review of the game.

It seems a bit tedious to have to try each of 180 (181? probably) moves 5 times in order to get half a point, and if you don’t do that for every move, I can’t see a way of automatically counting the half points.

Ironically, even though I started the thread today, it’s been a busy day and I haven’t yet had time to play…

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Even guessing once per move probably takes a decent bit of time.

I can try help count/double count it though if you do a review of the game and guess that way :slight_smile:

I didn’t guess 5 times but say guess 3 times etc.

I agree, this is better than five times.

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Starting now. Having to give myself zero for the first two moves, since I accidentally looked at them.

I’ll be using the three guess meta.

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Guessing more than once is too tedious for me.

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Yeah I’m not sure I’d do it consistently for every move, sometimes I’d just do it because I’m curious if it was A or B or C etc

Done. I did try three on every move.


The guessing of the timing of the yose moves was pretty much chance.

I made a few stupid guesses – I reckon I could’ve hit a hundred points without them.

Got 84 with 1 guess/move.

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