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I have used before now, but I was wondering if there was something better that did the same thing. I have an interest in going through old pro games but gives me the option to play moved and variations on the same board as the game… if that makes sense.

I remember one called something like Hattori or something but for the life of me I don’t remember the link and cant find it on google.

I just use CGoban but there are others like Sabaki, GoGui, Kombilo… here’s a list.

Here’s another. :smirk:

I think Sabaki is the Go board and sgf editor of choice recently. It is open source and frequently updated.

If you want to study games with AI assistance, Lizzie is a favorite of professionals and amateurs alike. It gives you a pretty win rate graph and move visualizations while the engine is thinking.


If you want it online, my favourite is


When I review pro games I find them on Waltheri (as BHydden linked) as it’s a beautifully designed site with a big database and positional search. It’s good especially for older and “classical-era” games.

Then I save the SGFs and open them in Drago, my local SGF viewer / editor, where I can guess moves and play out ideas I have. I can’t compare it to other editors as I haven’t used them, but I’ve been very happy with Drago – you can print games in kifu form, change the texture of the stones, and (I like this best) have optional numbering on the moves.

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Thank you very much everyone. it was i was looking for. Its been such a long time since i have had a computer or been at a computer that I’ve not had much chance of looking at pro games and such so this is much appreciated!

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For quick SGF viewing/editing I love Ilya Kirilov’s awesome “Web Go Board” extension for Chrome. It also exports beautiful animated GIFs, a feature I have often used.


I will have to have a look at this thank you! may be handy for phone use too.

I like the presentation of this at first glance. Do you know if there are any limits to the volume of branching&comments. Looking to create my own 9x9 fuseki record but not sure which app to use.

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This is awesome! Thank you @trohde

That is something I do is make my own fuseki database for 9x9 I personally use multigo but it may be a little outdated to most people. currently the sgf file I have made is about 5-6 mb large.

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I fear that won’t be possible.

No idea, you’ll have to ask Ilya on his plugin page or on

BTW Ilya Kirilov is also the developer of GoUniverse, an alternative, web-based KGS app.

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