Pro games on OGS

It would be great to see pro games section added to OGS, under the “Games” tab. That way we could watch and review pro games together. If it also had the AI analysis for site supporters this could even increase the traffic and revenue for the site. And if there’s not enough developer time for this I could perhaps jump in and help with this provided there’s interest and that some existing developer shows me the ropes.


Do you mean all pro games or just those played on OGS?

I think it must be relayed Pro games (such as in-person Go Congress). Pro games played on OGS would already hit the front page, right?

PetAccount seems to do a lot of such games (see Reviews and Demos).


@NotTheOne, I’d be happy to show you the ropes of the frontend (which is open), but not sure if that helps as there is a large backend/infrastructure component to this as well.