Pro Games Replays

I’m planning on replaying some pro games on demo boards for you folks to kibitz in. What do you all think about that? Would you participate? At what time of the day you would more likely be here for that? I’m interested in your thoughts and opinions. :wink:


I’d like that. My schedule varies wildly so no particular time - I’d have to just join in if I’m able to. :o)

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Those of modern pros or something historical?

I might if it’s during weekend. Something like 07:00 - 18:00 UTC.

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I was thinking modern, actual games, but you can suggest any game you want!

From the first replay I think some users like and enjoy this idea. There were around 40 users pretty much all the time, and some of them participated actively. So, I’ll probably do this around twice a week, or maybe more (weekends more likely). Hope you enjoy! :wink:

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Hey @anoek, seemingly unrelated question, but something I wanted to poke at for a possibly clever idea. n the API, is there any way to interact with demo boards/reviews, specifically making moves? The demo section of Apiary is blank, and while it will let me follow the standard form of /api/vi/demos/id to get details, POSTs to /api/v1/demos/id/play aren’t working. Not surprising, but I was wondering if this was available at the moment or not.

@pbgarden there is, in fact I use the API for these replays (imagine me putting all those stones every minute religiously for ~3hs :confused: ). The reviews/demos part is not fully documented yet, but you can join the Slack OGS Developers group to seek some help.


Haha, that’s actually exactly what I had imagined you were doing, and I was thoroughly impressed with your fortitude. Thanks for the info, that’s fantastic!


Ah you’re using a program. No wonder you didnt speak or anything. For me this is pointless. Could always just look through a game at my own pace. No one’s actually reviewing the game anyways so there’s no value in sticking around and waiting for the slow automated replay.

The idea is that you kibitz during the replay. Some people enjoy that, some don’t. If you don’t you can just ignore it. :wink:


Hi, definitely a great idea.
Practically, how do you plan to inform of the dates ?
A group, notifications ?
Whatever, i’m in, with enthousiasm.

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Hmm, not sure if I will. I do’em whenever is best for me. What I can say is that normally I tend to set them up between 14:00 and 23:00 UTC, because it’s the time of the day when there are more users connected.

So, I have some free time again (finally) and went to try and hop on the Slack group. However, it seems to require an email address to sign up, which I’m not fancy enough to possess. =]

Who would be the “Team Administrator” I can contact to request an invitation to the group?

@pbgarden That would be crodgers

Sooo, no more replays? I liked it…
Or are those still taking place and I am just missing them all?

I’m not doing any at the moment. I’ll probably resume them soon :slight_smile:

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