Probably the most fun game I've had yet, even if I lost. Any pointers? I'm pretty sure I made hella mistakes here and I don't wanna let them just be mistakes I can't learn from

which color you prefer to be?

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White definitely. I have a lot of little scatters that also get territory. It’s also safer if I attack since my stones aren’t all focused on a single position. That’s what I think dunno how experienced people would judge this position.

(Not familiar with Go terms yet sorry)

Good well it’s like 2d game i see from you and in both you start like black here.

Now it’s bit too much like a lottery where both players failed to play proper moves… But as a whole i wonder if you are very clear on what is aiming a contact move. May i ask you what is your aim when, like in the beginning in this game multiple times , you play at the contact.of a stone?

I really don’t have one honestly. I just follow my gut feeling a lot of times. But those specific ones with the rectangles were just “something came to my mind and I wanna try”. I did come up with a (sorta) plan for those contacts with the aim of leading them to the center with lines or leading them away from the other white stones. (Didn’t work very well as you can see)

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When you come at contact you ll be a bit at a disavantage if your opponent answers directly. It’s logical, he was here before you. So contacts aim mostly at fixing a position like helping a group to live or let say ok take those points i am getting a bit of influence. They are more defensive as offensive.

Here there is this idea as you think to do something with the center but be careful that center are usually smaller as what they look

who wins here (let’s not count the komi)?

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Depends if Black can get a bunch of eyes running, if they don’t then it’s gg. Unless you’re talking territory wise then it’s prob white that wins

Easy to count.

2am in the morning rn. My eyes hurt so not really tbh

Finished counting after like a few minutes.

11Ă—11 = 21

The white squares cover the sides so


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Lol ok. Center is 11x11 so 121. Edges are
(4x20)- 4 and 4x(19-4) so 76+60 so 136.

Just for the feeling of center is small

Ok you were quicker :blush:

So all in all i hope this helps you that your opening choices were not so illogical but just wrong.

Too many failures next in the fight i will point this lost opportunity as an exemple.

you should play here. white is then in pieces.

Another thing is you made some very ugly empty triangles (and in this game there are very typical mistakes) do get some infos some day on this inefficient shape, like in Sensei library for ex. Sorry, bit late for me too.

Empty triangles (could be more, i stopped searching)

This empty triangle was worthy… but only because he didn’t answer it! (Lucky you)

One last game breaker

if you played at delta instead as 1 you’ll secure a nice huge left side. (And keep this weak white group under pressure)


Cool game! I noticed you sometimes play inside your own territory though, filling in points that are already yours:

These marked moves don’t help you make points or attack your opponent. Instead, focus on increasing your territory and striking at your opponent’s weak stones. Strive to maximize the effect of each stone you play. Avoid moves within your own territory that don’t help your position.