Problem at blocking sandbaggers


I’ve received this message :
Our team has noticed that you have been resigning or abandoning ranked games even when you are winning.

This conduct is known as “sandbagging” and is prohibited.

The ranking system aims to reflect players’ skills. Manipulating it by sandbagging is fraud that undermines its credibility, frustrates other players, and can result in a suspension of your account.

We strongly advise you to refrain from sandbagging in your games.

But, the reason I reisgned is that my opponents are sandbaggers or are impolite, and I don’t play with sandbagger.
I’m not a sdbgr : my opponent are.
So, may be it would be a good thing if system cancels games with opponent I 've blocked

I don’t think it’s very useful to come and debate here, because this at first may imply to mention players, do some public arbitration and that’s not what the forum is for (or the chat).

I would recommend to talk directly with a moderator on such subject.

Happy gaming!


I’m sorry, you are wrong GROIN, I’ve no imùply ant player.
AND, what can I do else that report here this problem ?
I’ve sent a message to a modo but I’ve no answer

Moreover, I suggest here that , when we block a player, all the games whit him should be cancelled

if you are 6k and playing vs 20k that plays like 9k and you winning, I see no sense to resign. Just win and report after that.


From a moderator in another thread

Well, i am sorry as not being a moderator myself but if you really wish we can discuss your problem with personal messages.
Moderators are busy sometimes, maybe you wrote to the most busy i dunno but patience is all i can advise you at this stage.


Ok, but I’m so tired to send reports which are not considered !!!

Reports expire now, with different time limits depending on the type. I don’t know the limit for sandbagging reports, but I suggest that if you have heard nothing within 8 days, then cancel the report and file it again.

Why would reports expire?

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Don’t ask me.


So, I suppose that a lot of my sandbagging reports have expired


At OGS you are expected to properly finish games that you start.

“I think that my opponent is a sandbagger” or “I think that my opponent is impolite” is not an acceptable reason to resign while winning.

This is especially true if you have not reported the game in question.

If someone is really offensive then it would of course be OK to leave the situation BUT you need to report it in that case.

The fact that you received that warning indicates that you resigned a game that you were winning without reporting any reason why.

I will add that “I think that this person is a sandbagger” is very unlikely to be an acceptable reason to resign while winning, even if you report it. Just because you have formed this opinion does not give you a reason to be a sandbagger yourself.


I’m confused. If you were “resigning while winning because you suspected your opponent to be a sandbagger”, then you were winning against a sandbagger… How is that possible since a sandbagger is supposedly much stronger?


I assume the sandbagger was pretending to be weaker. I’d say I don’t know how you can tell, but I did once play against someone who used their stones to draw a male organ on the board, so that wouldn’t be quite true: sometimes it’s obvious

PS: for the record, I did report them


Obviously, a sdbgr has to loose games against weaker players in order to lower his rank :slight_smile:


I do not report all the games I leave because of sandbagging of impoliteness to avoid too much work for moderators. I know they have a lot of work.
Moreover, I’ve been a lot of time in front of obvious sandbaggers, reported them, and my reports were not considered.
I remember such agame, with an obvious sdbgr, about wich even a 5D totaly agreed with my conclusion of sandbaging, but the player wasn’t awarded.
In the present case, I ask mod. wich game I have left, and have not yet answer.

Leaving like this gives an opportunity for a report on you. Not sure it’s best way for less work for admins and not sure it’s best to claim your right when becoming an offender instead of an offended.

Your own personal attitude you mention can bring confusion or at least a harder task on the shoulder of an admin. I feel sad if you have few answers but you can’t expect full adhesion if you contradict yourself the server rules.

To come back to the letter you received just seems logical if instead of reporting you ran away. That’s no help for the moderation team and a good opportunity to your opponent to hurt you. Please, keep patience and some confidence in moderation.