Problem downloading pdf

Dear Sirs,

I hope a selected the right category… I cannot dowloading the first file of river mountain go 1, in Other resources of Go… Is it my fault or is there some technical issue?..

Thanks in advance for the support and the reply!



On the books section those links are NOT hosted by OGS and are external links hosted by other sites, therefore if those do not work, OGS cannot really do anything about it, other than possibly inquire whether the link to the particular pdf changed:

The Game of Go Arthur Smith (1908)

A Go Guide From a Beginner Charalampos (Haris) Kapolos

River Mountain Go 1 (30k-20k) Oliver Richman

River Mountain Go 2 (20k-8k) Oliver Richman

Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen Go Seigen Translation by Jim Z. Yu

For the other resources, since you are trying to download the 30k-20k book, I’d suggest instead:
a) Go to the website that is hosting those links and see if the pdfs are now linked elsewhere.
b) Download the “81 Little Lions” or “A Go Guide From a Beginner”