Problem from book

I’ve found the problem shown in the figure below in a book but I believe the solution is wrong. If I’m not mistaken black can still capture the two white stones before white can capture the big group of black stones.

Is there any way for white to capture the 7 black stones?

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The book looks right to me. After move 3, black’s seven stones have only one liberty (where the white stone was captured). It would take two moves from black to capture the two white stones on the left, but only one from white to capture the group of seven. If black plays at the point where the white stone was captured, then it still has only one liberty (to the right of move 2).

If black plays move 2 anywhere else, white’s move 3 just captures the seven stones.

There’s no point where black’s group has more than one liberty, so black doesn’t have time to spend two moves to capture white’s stones on the left.

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Oh yeah, you’re right… I missed something :stuck_out_tongue: Shouldn’t make Go problems after I’ve been drinking, lol.