Problem to my account

There are 2 problems happened to my account.

  • The game notification does not show.: On the normal, the game notification, the black circle with game notification number showed on the corner but it diappeared.
  • When I start a handicaps game with AI, after I placed all handicaps stone not thing happen, the robot don’t respond me and the game will be cancle autometically.

I don’t know is this a setting or resticted because it also happen when I use my mobile browser also.

Thanks in advance,


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Is it possible you simply have no pending moves? Otherwise I have not heard similar reports recently, so it would probably be something local - maybe some extension or addblocker doing something strange? Or perhaps you are using one of the unofficial apps - android or steam? Those might function differently.

If you are still having trouble a screenshot or more detailed description of your setup might help.

This is unfortunately not that uncommon. Most bots on OGS are run by our users (not directly on our servers) who generously volunteer their home hardware to run. As such they can on occasion simply crash or freeze. Just try again in a few minutes or try a different bot, sorry about that.

  1. I don’t know which settings is the problem. According to my understand, the settings on each device of OGS able to be differentiated from each other for example sumit-moved on phone device but one-clicked on computer device. But this happen to all of my devices.

  2. I tried 4-5 times for several day.

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Try to contact the bot owner

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