Problem when I have to add people in a private group

It looks like I cannot add anyone in a private group :
When I invite him I receive "Player has already been invited to this group"
and when he tries to join the group, he receives : "You already have a pending group request"
But… nothing appears in the admin pannel of the group.

So I put it in a public mode but I really would prefer this group to be private. Thx.

Otherwise, we cannot also delete the group, I think it should be added

(ps : it is actually pretty urgent because it is for an european tournament I organize with a Swiss confrere. :smile: )

When you send someone an invite it will appear in the notification area at the top right of their screen. They’ll need to accept it from there.

Actually, this is the problem. Nothing appears.

hmm, the invitation should also show up on the group page for them but if you’ve put the group in public mode then that might have changed things. If you PM me there username I can clear the notification out and let you resend it after closing the group.