Problem with account

I forgot the password for my account maurox but unfortunately when I created it i did not provide a email address, so now I cannot reset the password. I created a new account but I coundn’t name it “maurox” because there is one already. What can do? Is it possible to delete old maurox account so that I can rename the new one? Thanks in advance

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Ciao Mauro,

Users can’t be deleted.
Maybe you could ask some moderator for a password reset on the old account.

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Hello @mauro.c.zaccarelli, and sorry about the delay, we were deliberating with the rest of the team what to do about your issue, but unfortunately, if you cannot prove the account was indeed yours we will be reluctant to delete the name or transfer ownership as the account has still been active very recently.

That is not to say we do not trust you are being honest, we do, but if we do it for you, it will be much harder (and unfair) not to do it for another person who asks the same thing, and then another and so on, and one day there might be such a request without an honest intention, and we would not like to compromise any users feeling of security and privacy.

I am sorry for the unpleasant news, but hopefully you understand the reasons. If the account stays inactive for long we will gladly at least free the username for you, but not with such a “fresh” account.

If you wish to discuss the issue further, or talk about it in more detail, feel free to send me (or any other team member a PM), other users cannot help with the issue anyway, so it might be better to talk privately.


I can vouch for Mauro that Maurox was indeed his account. If deletion is too risky for you, maybe a change of password instead? He just wants to use his old account again. Thanks in advance