Problem with links in OGS joseki

I have recently noticed problems with some links to positions. Sometimes the position linked to yields an empty board and sometimes it is not the same position. E.g. start with the star point Q16. Let white tenuki. Then play the small knight R14. Let white do the knights move the other way O17. OGS now says See position 16099. If you go to this position you get a board with 5 black and 5 white stones. Clearly not the correct position. I see these problems only recently and I use the joseki quite often.


@GreenAsJade has been upgrading the back end for OJE recently and is aware of this bug. Will hopefully be fixed soon, thanks for the report.

Yep - half of them are fixed now (the ones that look like Position 15081 ).

The migration for the other half is coming soon (the ones that look like this ladder)

Also, the comments tab is not open by default - that seems like a bug that will get fixed.


Hope I’m not the only one that can’t see the difference between these two boards :sweat_smile:

Heh heh.

For reasons lost in the sands of time, we have two Joseki “Description” markups:

<Position: 123> → Position 123 (a link)


[this interesting thing][123] → this interesting thing (a link)

This is all the more tricky with creative joseki contributors who write things like

All very nice, but see ((1)[123],(2*)[124]) * this one is not so interesting

Try writing the regex to catch that correctly the first time :sweat_smile:


That should be fixed now :crossed_fingers:

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That does indeed sound painful :sweat_smile:

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