Problems opening games and home screen

Hi! Since today I’ve started having problems opening games (the screen will not load completely) and on the home screen, when it loads, there’s only one game that appears, that doesn’t have any time settings enabled.

Anyone has the same problem?

When I get a game board to appear, clicking the board to place a stone gets me a “Cannot read get property of undefined” message.

I get this error in the Chrome Developer tools:

ogs.4.3-72-ga3965e4.min.js:461 TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
    at new Goban (
    at m (
    at a (
    at mb (
    at w (
    at m (
    at m (
    at m ( 

I’ve tried this on Firefox, there OGS works. Also it works on Safari, in ios.

I think I found the problem, it was one rogue Chrome extension. Sorry about the noise.

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And the problem extension is “Responive web design tester”: which apparently has already been removed from Chrome Store.


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