Problems with library and forum [SOLVED]

Hi all,
I have 2 problem with ogs that came out recently:

  1. When I try to upload sgfs on my library I get this error:

    Server Error (500)

using Chrome, both normal window and in Ingognito

  1. For forum: when I tried to access the forum from the normal window of the browser I get to the first page, but that cannot be scrolled nor can I click on any link. It works when I log in on the in incognito window.

Are those known problems?

I think the solution is opening the SGF with a text editor and put a result on it.

No idea about the second question


Your solution works, thank you.

I’ll wait others to know about the forum problem. :slight_smile:

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From your description only two things (though both unlikely :smiley:) come to mind

  • Some browser extension is doing something weird (most extension are disabled in incognito). I cannot really imagine why, as we run pretty vanilla discourse, but maybe some adblocker went haywire? Or something like tampermonkey is trying to inject custom code?
  • Maybe just corrupted cache? (cache are also ignored in incognito). Simply pressing ctrl+f5 (which reloads the page including cache) would be my first try…

Does any of that help?


Thank you! Both suggestions were useful. ctrl+f5 solved the problem in the beginning, but it reoccured every time I opened a new window of the forum. Now I uninstalled the adBlocker I had, and it seems to work correctly.


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Would you be comfortable sharing which adBlocker caused it for you (be it publically or in PM)? It’s nothing too important if you would rather not, I was just curious, we really should not trigger the stuff :slight_smile:

There should also be a way to whitelist OGS (without uninstalling it completely) if the extension works well for you otherwise.

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Ugh, I uninstalled it without thinking twice because it wasn’t actually working in general. I just kept it there because I totally forgot having installed it. Now I cannot remember what was the name of the extension :confused:

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