Problems with oauth2 token retrieval and severely outdated API documentation

I am having trouble retrieving an access token from
Strangely without the slash at the end of the URL I get redirected to the URL with the slash at the end but my method gets changed from POST to GET and hence I get a 405 error. I was able to figure this out but wanted to include it here since I find it very strange and maybe the devs could fix it if they see this. My real problem is that I now get a 401 invalid_client error message and am not able to find out why. My request looks like this with cURL:

curl -X POST -d 'client_id=XXX&client_secret=XXX&grant_type=client_credentials'

I get the same problem when using grant_type=password with corresponding username and password fields. I also get the error when trying it with libcurl from a C program or Postman and with my client set to public and confidential. I have now tried everything I know but cant seem to get it to work. Does someone find a mistake in my request or can link me to an up to date documentation?

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Are you using client type public? Try the request without sending the secret

I got it to work, apparently the normal oauth2 method doesnt work with google accounts. I will have to figure out how to use the google_oauth2 service however.

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