Profanity Filter - Add "None" Option

Just a suggestion. In the Settings, under Profanity Filter, it would be nice if I could disable this option. I realize that as an English speaker I could select a non-English language to get around English words being filtered, but this feature seems incomplete without a None option. Just my two cents :wink:


you can by ctrl+clicking the language that it’s set to, but yeah not obvious


use ctrl+click

but, yes, its ctrlintuitive


Can you also Ctrl click to select multiple? I would test, but can’t right now since I’m on mobile.

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I always set it to Romanian :stuck_out_tongue: Funny to see a proper solution existed all this time.

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On mobile I’m able to select multiple options, but I never checked if it works as expected.


That is great news. Thank you mekriff_telpelote :blush:

@Devs: Adding a little question mark next to the words Profanity Filter that I can mouseover and get this little bit of information would go a long way.


Well, a lot of people here seem to speak many languages, I guess we’ll all have to hurl profanities at you to test?


Can we also add “Nun”?

It’s just the same as the regular filter, but even stricter.


It’s more like extracting some word lists from the site’s code and posting them on the beta servers chat.

In my opinion, the quality of the chat filter lists isn’t worth the time testing this, so I won’t invest time to such tests.

I do believe that is the default English setting…

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