Profanity filter filters more than it should (at least in italian language)

German filter list

this is hilarious :rofl:.

some 13 year old other than myself must have compiled this list.


So many fewer entries. D:

Interesting to see.

  • vögeln” is mentioned twice. It’s a relatively benign way of saying ‘to have sex’ though. It can also be the accusative of “vögel” (birds) though… easier to give an example than to explain. “Wir geben den Vögeln Futter.” = “We give food to the birds.”
  • Vollpfosten” (nonsensical word depicting someone who isn’t very smart) is in there, but the much more frequently used “Idiot” isn’t.
  • Milchtueten” is probably in there because one may interpret it as a roundabout way to say ‘boobs’, but it’s more likely that someone using the expression is talking about actual milk cartons (“milk bags”) than boobs.
  • Hupen” can be either a noun (signal-horns) or a verb (to honk), and yes, again a basically unused synonym for ‘boobs’.
  • Picheln” just means to drink (alcohol).
  • Knackwurst” is just a popular type of (boiled) sausage. I’m not aware of any other connotations.
  • Mucke” is a colloquial term for music in general, not sure why it’s on the list.

By the way, this is the best German slang dictionary I’ve found so far. (not just swearwords though) :slight_smile:

Even "cerveja" ("beer") was being filtered in Portuguese. Not to speak of "amador" ("amateur"), which, of course, is a common word when talking about Go.

I’ve removed a few things and added others, basing some of the choices on the English filter.

I can think of one. But it is on a par with any lengthy object. I can provide further groceries like “Banane” and “Gurke” and of course “Wurst”.


Well, yea, it’s probably more useful to attempt to cover the most frequently used insults, as opposed to attempting to filter all words and phrases that could potentially be interpreted as having a sexual connotation.

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The German list doesn’t look that bad indeed. Not many more strange ones apart from those you’ve already listed.

Now let’s hope nobody ever invents a sexual technique called ‘Affensprung’!


Ok, I will.
What should I do?
List terms that shouldn’t be on the list or vice versa?
Shall I send to you by PM?

Remove what you deem unnecessary, add anything you think should be covered, and send me the complete updated list (PM is fine), preferably with a single word or expression per line.

I will update the profanity file, both the Italian and Portuguese filters, and submit a new pull request at the GitHub repository—unless @anoek or @matburt prefer something different.

@smurph, if you want to provide an updated list for the German filter, I can submit it along with the other proposed changes. Same for anyone interested and other languages.

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Well, I’d say delete all the words I mentioned and perhaps add “idiot”. Obviously there are way more insults but that’s not the topic of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be useful to have a guideline, though. If it was me, I’d say

  • if you want to filter something, filter the most frequently used insults
  • if you want to be family friendly, also filter vulgar slang
  • don’t filter sexual innuendo, that’s just silly

My take: if you are using sexual innuendo, you’re not insulting anyone and you’re most likely just having a chat. In that case, it’s pointless to filter. I would expect most of these terms to show up in PM or general chat as opposed to game chat.

If you want to insult someone, it’s most likely in game chat or via PM and you’ll be using insults, not sexual innuendo. Accordingly, again it doesn’t make any sense to filter innuendo.

If you want to “protect the children”,… good luck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bad word filters are notorious hard to get right. To the point of being almost useless. This is known as the Scunthorpe Problem and it’s pretty hilarious if you’re as immature as I am.


Yeah, the Dutch list also needs some work… Several terms seems to come straight out of the dictionary, and would never be used as such in a sentence (“reet trappen, voor zijn”), there’s several words that have a more common meaning without being insulting (“utrecht” is the name of the 4th largest city, perhaps they meant “utrechtenaar” which used to mean homosexual man; “poot” usually just means leg, could also be used to describe a sexual organ; “nicht” commonly means cousin, but is also used to describe homosexual men), many words have a “g” at the end which doesn’t belong there (“snolg”, “delg”, “mutsg”) and a lot of them simply aren’t insulting (“naakt” just means naked, “engerd” means creep, “balen” is to be disappointed, “schatje” means cutie).

Most of the words are rather oldfashioned as well.

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Gentlemen, I’ve finished updating and testing the lists of filtered words and expressions for the German, Italian and Portuguese languages:

  • German: I organized the list in alphabetical order, suppressed a repeated entry, then removed a few unnecessary words and included a new one according to @smurph’s suggestions;

  • Italian: The updated list was provided by @lysnew;

  • Portuguese: The updated list is on me: I removed unnecessary entries and included the most commonly words and expressions, plus their usual variations.

I’ve already submitted a pull request for @anoek and @matburt’s consideration. You can keep track of further developments by checking the issue I’ve opened.

In the meantime, the updated file is available at my fork:

I did what I could with the resources I had and I hope you find the result satisfactory.

Now, back to translating 81 Little Lions (based on a second edition, substantially changed, that I’ll release here soon) and A Go Book from a Beginner into Brazilian Portuguese.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


I think “disabling profanity filter” should also be a lot easier. It is not very clear without searching around or asking how for something that should be as simple as the click of a button. Or is there a reason that it is as difficult as it is?

The current solution of changing the profanity filter to a different language is as simple as the click of a button—and the relevant option is right at the top of the settings page. I mean, it's not ideal, but it works, and since the developers are volunteers and don't have much free time, it makes sense that they should focus on more pressing issues.
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That is amazing job @lucasfelix thank you :heart:

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I think maybe there is a misunderstanding in what I said. But, un-colorfying and colorfying the languages on the area that says language filter isn’t conveyed very well. As in while it works and is not “ACTUALLY” difficult. It still is more challenging then it should be.

As for the “pressing issues” I can’t entirely agree or disagree with this. As I don’t know what “pressing issues” there are. But, I will say that you would be shocked how important quality of life updates make a community happy. Not just speaking from someone in a community but someone who runs and ran a larger community then OGS.

But, if there are more pressing issues then I agree. Just nothing I have noticed yet.

I did understand, but my point still stands: what we have may not be ideal, but it works well enough. The developers volunteering their free time, harmonizing their contribution with the demands of their personal lives and professional careers, it’s understandable that they choose their fights, so to speak, and prioritize.

I don’t know the inner workings of OGS, if it’s facing any Pressing Issues, but I can think about stuff I would categorize as more pressing than implementing the option to disable the profanity filter. There are 199 open issues at the moment, and glancing at the list I see a number of items that others might find more frustrating:

Anyway, I doubt the devs are even aware of the matter you’re pointing out—at least I haven’t seen it mentioned before, so there’s that. You can always start a thread at the development section or submit an issue of your own.

But the beauty of it is that we don’t even have to wait for a change to take place. OGS’s interface is open source, anyone can contribute. If we’re really keen on a particular improvement, and if we’re willing to put some time it, there’s always the option of implementing ourselves.

I didn’t quite enjoy the fact that, in Portuguese, one couldn’t write “I’m an amateur Go player” without the word “amateur” being filtered while, at the same time, one could be told to “go frak oneself” without any filtering take place, so I decided to do something about it. I hadn’t written a line of Javascript in my life, so I read about regular expressions, learned to write my own, then tested/debugged/rewrote them until they worked the way I wanted. It only took 34 revisions…

…while using a netbook dating from the Mesozoic Era, one that turns itself off whenever someone sneezes in Japan, literally requires a screwdriver to be turned on again, and seriously considers melting should I use it for anything more elaborate than running Nethack, working during stolen hours between putting down metaphorical fires, starting a business, studying, and occasionally making a few absurd moves in correspondence Go matches.

If nothing else, I can say I understand the constraints OGS’s developers have to deal with, working and making do with limited resources, which is why I took the time to write this in the first place. But more importantly: if, despite my own limitations, I was able to do a little bit to fix an issue that bothered me, others can do even better. I mean, this community is filled with some rather amazing individuals.

Mm, just the way you respond does not sound like you quite understood it. But, none the less on the points of pressing issues. I think those are “bugs” and not really quality of life updates. In which I agree those are definitely more pressing issues.

In my opinion when it comes to creating a good game and or server the most important thing is bugs. Then quality of life features. Then new features.

As for the “devs balancing there OGS volunteer stuff and there professional jobs” I am not 100% about this but, I am pretty sure one of the devs works on OGS full time as an actual job. I believe anoek quit his job a while back to work on OGS full time.

As for “the do it yourself” part. I don’t think just because someone doesn’t like the way something is done mean they have to do it. I dabble very little coding and plan to keep it that way. But, someone is more then welcome to if they want to shove time into it. And, if OGS doesn’t want to do it that is also fine. I learned how to use the profanity filter and it doesn’t bother me. Just found it more challenging then it should have been.

Well, yes, @Miks, I’m probably missing something since I don’t see a contradiction between what you last wrote and my own argument. Then again, neither do I understand how one could read that

[…] if we’re really keen on a particular improvement, and if we’re willing to put some time in it, there’s always the option of implementing it ourselves.

and possibly interpret it as

[…] just because someone doesn’t like the way something is done mean they have to do it.

So, yeah.

@lysnew, @anoek’s already implemented the changes and the updated profanity filter is live.

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