Profile: 5000 games max

Since a few weeks my profile lists only 5000 games.
I know I have played more than that.

I suppose that this has to do with the pie chart that is based on 5000 games.

Is it still possible to find games that lay outside the 5000 games boundary?

Think it is a pity that I can consult my total game base anymore.


@anoek i’ve also wondered the same, could that limit be increased? Theres now quite many users who’ve played way more than 5000 ranked games, would be nice if the graphs could include their entire rank history.

I guess the cut-off of 5000 was initially chosen to reduce the load to the server when opening profiles, but maybe the server could now handle lot more without too much lag?

Up until some time there was no limit.
So why the change?

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I think the 5000 limit for rating graphs has been there ~always, or at least the entire time i’ve been using ogs ^^

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before only graph had limit
now, game history has limit of pages. Unranked too.
its no longer possible to find your first game if you had more than 5000 games.


Ohhh i see what you mean now! Sounds like something wonky happened, hopefully it returns back to normal soon >___>

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I think it would be better to have an archive page with a lot less information in order for players to just find links to the files with only surface level data. This would keep the profile pages light which is very important but also allow access to old games.

KGS does this by month on a user’s archive page.


Bumping this, is this a bug meant to be fixed the developpers are aware of? (@GreenAsJade @Eugene )

I would like to search for many of my older games on the server for detailed reviews/studying, and don’t seem to be able to since the bug appeared. :cry:

Edit : On a related note, would it be possible to add a “Jump to page X” and/or "Search by date’’ (or search by criteria such as Real Time vs Correspondence, rank of opponent, etc.), to help sort one’s games?

It seems very difficult to manually click through 100-500+ pages of games to arrive at the older games otherwise, when searching for older games. :sweat_smile:

(At the moment there is only the option to display more games per page, which is limited to 50.)

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there is such option

you can enter page
but, there is bug: its not possible to enter number higher than 100 and clicking arrow doesn’t help
you have to activate 50 games / page to find 5000th game