Profile Background and User Card Backgound

Okay, here is a suggestion about the setup of these items in Profile Preferences. The image fields specify that “Profile backgrounds will be centered and have a default width of 850px” and “Background images will be centered and have a default width of 590px”. This leaves the actual proportions of the image field unspecified (it’s even conceivable that it is not the same as the fields one sees). Therefore the proportions of the final image should be given to aid users in selecting or editing the picture they want to use. Approximate measurements of proportions are as follows (see Update below):

Profile Background (w x h): ~850x55 Unexpanded*; ~850x297 Expanded.
(*e.g., could be useful if someone wants something that looks good without taking up extra space with expanded version.)
User Card Background (w x h): ~590x270

If the user wants to adjust the image so the main item of interest is not obscured by the user icon, they can center the portion of the image they want seen in the rightmost ~440x270 sub-rectangle of that field. An rough example follows:

I’d also suggest that the bottom ~2/3 section be made more transparent for an obvious reason: it seems more opaque than necessary. Maybe degree of opacity could be user selectable.

By the way, is there a file size limit?

Update: _I discovered that the proportions of the images are not what I thought. Not knowing, I measured from what I saw in one instance. So the range of dimensions possible would be useful to know. If I submit an image with width of 850, or 590, what heights are accommodated/will be displayed? The user card I made was about right but that seems to be constrained by the proportions of the card itself. The profile image apparently allows for a range of heights. Ex. user Trohde, who is an OGS Team member - they deservedly may have different allowances - has profile image in proportions ~850x345 (user card looks different too). _

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