Profile info regarding timed out game


In my profile info, it shows a notification right below my avatar image that
I’ve recently timed out in one of my games.

How long will that notification remain visible in my profile?
The game where I’ve timed out has been played over three years ago!
That doesn’t seem reasonable to claim that I’ve recently timed out of my
game if that is referring to a game that was played over three years ago.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any feedback, Niek

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Typically that notification should be removed once you complete a correspondence game that lasts longer than 24 hours and does not also end by timeout. However, that flag has been known to get stuck sometimes, in which case a moderator will see this and take a look to see if it needs manual fixing.

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Thanks, is there a way to contact a moderator about this or is it likely a moderator will see my posting here on the forum and fix it?

greetings, Niek

My last timed out game was months ago, and I’ve completed several games since. I think my flag is stuck too. :confused:

Yes, a moderator will see this eventually (mod is a volunteer non 24 hour/day service), but you can also in a game call for a mod (at menu on right side) and report your problem.

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It’s likely an admin will see this topic.

It’s a known bug, but I’ m not sure it’s easy to remove that flag sadly even with all the goodwill of our admins.

You can try the chat channel too besides your post here, on the main site, see if any admin around there.

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