Profile page layout (main site)

The text is truncated there, but there is not point to be cut as it is a sliding window. Note that the information hidden can be useful (place in the ladders for example here)
The problem is not related to the mobile phone format, it still exists if I switch to desktop view.

It should be frontend and very small edit or not? (I am no programmer, sorry)

While we are in the profile page, still have this problem of troncature too:


Not limiting the length of the text fields let to very strange results.
There is a difference in being able to scroll and have to scroll to see anything other than the game’s name.


Maybe 13 characters is a bit short for OGS game names then. Thanks for the link.

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Strings should truncate with ellipsis, at the very least, which is just a css fix. Overflow should be set to hidden on the link element instead of on the element, and the link element should also have {display: block, text-overflow:ellipsis}. For getting full names viewable, the title attribute can be used for a tooltip on desktop browsers, but something more extensive would be necessary for mobile. (And useful for desktop, since tooltips look awful.)

I don’t know my way around the OGS code base well enough to make those changes myself, unfortunately. I noodled around trying to figure some of the charting code out a while back but never really learned my way around.