Profile tab on top of screen

Hi there!
Currently, I have to go to the chat window, find my user name in the right players column, click on my user name, click on the user info symbol, and I get to my profile page.
I can also get there by searching for my username, clicking on it, clicking on my user info symbol and then on to the profile page. This seems a little cumbersome. I know there are a thousand things to do but…

Is there a way a “profile” button could be added to the top of the page to let us go directly to our profile pages?

There should be a drop-down menu that opens when you click on the OGS logo in the top left corner. It has „Profile” option, among other things. If you do not see the menu, that probably means you have a browser compatibility problem or an overzealous ad-filter or something like that.


Well hello there. Just where you said it would be. Thank you. :smile:

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