Profiles linked back to OGS accounts

It would be nice to have a link back to people’s OGS accounts here - for example - to show people’s ranking info and past games. I am not really sure if there is any advatage of having the forum separated from the game server to such a degree as it is currently?


I totally agree that it would be nice and one day I’d love to implement just that.

The main reason we don’t have this is because the forum system is completely separate… we use forum software called Discourse which is pretty heavily decoupled. Even handling authentication between the two is a little abstract and involved us writing some custom code. Everyone’s user id here is based on their ogs user id so it’s just a matter of performing the customization.

So the main reason isn’t because we didn’t want to do it but rather that it would require a little more work to do. The reason the forum was made separate is outlined in the top post here:

I hope everyone can appreciate our motivations there.