Program to analyze games on WIndows 10

What program do you use to analyze your own games on Windows?

GNU Go? Leela?



Lizzie with the latest KataGo engine.


Is it easy to setup on windows? Does not look like the typical “Next, next, next” install?


With lizzie you pretty much just extract the .zip and that’s it. Just chose the windows version - GPU if you have some dedicatet graphics card CPU if not.

Lizzie is already pre-packaged with KataGo which might be enough for you for now. (But the switch is also not too hard)

But as the usual word of caution - AIs are not teachers. Depending on your experience with Go so far, you might not get what you are hoping for from an AI review, it will not explain its moves. Consider asking for a human review as well from time to time, we have lots of players happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for the info!!


Our pleasure, and welcome to the forums.


Is it possible in Lizzie to show a list of the best probable moves like in Leela for Windows (Analysis windows on the right)? Or is it possible to achieve something similar?

Depends on what you mean something similar…

AFAIK you cannot view a list like in the original Leela, but Lizzie just marks those options directly on the board together with the most relevant info.

If you never actually saw the interface, it looks like this:
Intead of the heatmap, you get the moves with the win estimate and the expected variation is revealed on hover. Which personally I find more convenient, but obviously everyone might have different expectations.


I have some issues with Lizzie (notably, I would like to be able to move around while the game is being analysed). I just tried to install Sabaki + Katago, but I can’t find a way to analyse a full game. Is this possible?

I do not know, but I just tried to install Sabaki as well! Look very pleasant on the eyes!

It gives me some errors when I am trying to analyse a 9x9 game with Leela zero :disappointed: So I trying to figure out the correct way to set it up!

But can anyone shed some light over what the differences are between Lizzie and Sabaki and some pros and cons

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Just to prevent potential misunderstanding. Differences between Lizzie and Sabaki are purely those of visuals and controls. The analysis part is what is handled by an “external” engine and you can have the same installed in both (IE KataGo) and thus get an identical review from both.

My personal opinion is that Sabaki is beautiful, but very hard to work with, so I personally (for game analysis) am a Lizzie guy, but each to his own of course. And I never spend THAT much time trying to work with Sabaki, so perhaps it gets better with time. I would not know.

Yes I am aware that Lizzie and Sabaki are just clients!! Thanks!

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LZ is a 19x19, 7.5 points Komi AI. It cannot analyse 9x9 games. There is no correct setup for 9x9 games.

KataGo on the other hand is more flexible.

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Thanks for the info, flovo

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I don’t think so.

You can use the arrow keys to move around while the game is being analyzed. You can even play other moves, see what would happen, then remove them with backspace.

Try Go Review Partner. It analyzes the entire game and outputs the win rates and main variations to a separate file.

Their aims are different. According to each author, “Lizzie is a graphical interface allowing the user to analyze games in real time using Leela Zero,” while “Sabaki is a modern, elegant, cross-platform Go/Baduk/Weiqi board and SGF editor.” As an SGF editor, Sabaki has board markup tools like letters, numbers, and arrows. Lizzie lacks these tools but has more configurable options centered on AI analysis, like auto-loading the AI and mapping analysis actions to single keystrokes. But most of their features overlap, so try both and see which you prefer.

As @flovo said, LeelaZero can’t analyze 9x9 games. It is possible to compile LeelaZero with a 9x9 parameter and hack some 9x9 weights onto it, but that’s beyond my skill. If you want a stronger 9x9 AI than Leela 0.11 and can’t get KataGo running, try SAI. It comes preinstalled with strong 9x9 weights only a little weaker than KataGo.

Am I doing something wrong? When I launch an automatic analysis of a game (with fixed number of playouts) and I use the arrow keys, the auto-analysis stops and Lizzie always analyses the currently displayed move.

That’s the intended behavior, so I misunderstood you. I can’t think of any reviewing tool with the feature you want. But you can always open a second instance of Lizzie and browse there while the first instance (or Go Review Partner) analyzes the game.

Has anyone else problems with lizzie and katago engine? When I switch to katago the program status is “Engine is loading” and nothing happens!

What GPU do you have? KataGo requires a dedicated GPU. My macbook won’t load KataGo because it has integrated graphics.

When KataGo starts for the first time, it first tries to find optimal settings for the GPU. This can take a while (multiple minutes). Just give it some time to load. This slow start should only happen for the first run, the later starts should be much faster.