Progress of rank lost

Hi there, a friend of mine is experiencing some issues with progress made since the 14th December. She has won and lost games but should be 16 kyu. The graph of progress is not showing any progress past that point but yesterday it was working fine. I think there is an error or glitch.

The User is Siâni

And and all support would be appreciated thank you.

It’s my profile. It has been since an opponent timed out of a game with me last night. I have been 16 kyu since November but the graph stops at 14th Dec and my profile says I’m 17 kyu. It isn’t the rank that bothers me. It is the lack of graph and loss of wins and losses that I can’t see that bothers me.

This is the profile page.

I see 3 games ended today.
The rank increase since dec the 14th is 0.4k (from 15.9 to 15.5).
Game against NoxTheJester is not ranked because of multiple timeout.
Game against Lord_o_o_Spoon is not ranked by creation.
Only one game contributed to your rank increase. 15.5 is rounded to 16k.


Hello there, thank you for the response.

since playing a game the issue resolved itself, however, when the issue was apparent the graphs seemed to have almost a month’s worth of data missing, and that at the time also effected the rank above the name of Siani.

(I’m able to respond for her tot his because I’m with her IRL.)

It makes sense: last game is the only ranked game, so until that game ended there where no data to display on chart.

I don’t understand though why the ranking on dec 14th should be presented as 17k, since 15.9 must be rounded to 16k too.

That was a secondary issue to the graph i believe because it had data missing. And Siani says, that she did have up until January on the graph prior to this glitch in the system as it were. But that seems to have been resolved by playing and completing a game.

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