Promoting OGS: Invite someone!

There are three badges that deal with promoting OGS. No one has yet managed to earn one of these badges. Inviting new people to OGS is the keyword, but the invite-button is - I think - yet to be implemented.

A bigger OGS community, with a regular infusion of new go players, who expand the diversity of our community is an ambitious project. It also has an interesting side effect; it will raise the number of people who donate to OGS. And more money means new features that can be implemented sooner, maybe hiring a second developer, etc.

Give us the tools and we can do the job.


These are forum badges. I thought the idea was that people accessed the forums by registering on OGS, rather than just coming to the forums directly without ever having to go to the main site.


I think - but am not sure about it - that you can only earn badges if you have registered with the OGS site and then register for the forums.
But that is not what it is about. Via inviting people to join the OGS site and later they can join the forums if they please, more financial means and possibilities will be generated.
What is is about is enlarging the OGS community (site and forums). A bigger community will mean more donations, that open the door for new features that can be implemented sooner, maybe hiring a second developer, etc.

You don’t need a button to invite people to!

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As @benjito said, it’s so easy to take someone here, with a link you can even say by voice…
What’s the point to have an invitation system, does it matter to know who invited someone, when all is open and free? My guess the direct to the forum invitation system was removed because of the linking system between the main site and the forum, your name being generated from there. But that’s not really a big concern to have to step in the main site to come here in my own feeling. It’s hard to guess if coming here directly would generate more interest in OGS as if people have to visit OGS first. Maybe it could be the reverse?

I have more interest for direct invitation into a game on the main site, that would be more useful.

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To get them badges, of course



I would be surprised that discourse don’t offer some level of customization for badges, so let’s create a committee of OGS forum badges (The COB) to distillate to us some wonderful and meaningful ones!

Note: the topic looks more relevant to the meta category, should we move it in this one?

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Could one of the @moderators throw some light in the darkness?
Why no invite button?
It seems contradictory to offer badges that can not be earned.

Okay, you are right.

Edit: that was fast :grin:

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First of all congratulations to @yebellz with being the first earning the Promotor badge. It is only fitting that it is you who are first.:- :grin:

How to invite?

  • Go to the bottom of the topic and chose Share.
  • Chose Invite, enter an e-mail address.
  • Chose Send invite or Create invite link.