[Proposal] Add confirmation when ignoring Undo Request

Many times the opponent ignores my Undo request, but it turns out that they just missed it. I think that there should be a confirmation when you play a move while ignoring an Undo request, as the Accept Undo button is too small.


i cant tell you how many times ive missed the undo requests, especially in correspondence games. This may be a good idea i think.


There is several topics about more visible undo requests.

It is front-end fixable, so if anyone is up for searching through those and then proposing some reasonable edits we can potentially “fix it” ourselves.

As long as I live (and please note the hyperbole, it is not my decision :wink: ) there will be no additional pop-ups. Those are extremely annoying AFAI know considered bad design and I hate them. But yeah, something more noticeable would be nice.

I recall an interesting idea of changing the circle to a cross on the last stone, which to me sounds like a cool idea, but there may be something even better.

Also note that you can “chain” undos, if both you and your opponent want to get back a few more moves after missing an undo request.


I think this is a great idea and definitely should be the case for correspondence games. I have mistakenly overlooked my opponent’s undo requests in the past, but luckily we have fixed it by chaining undos.

I can imagine that there might be some push back against this idea from the live/blitz perspective, since a malicious player could possibly abuse this feature by sending spurious undo requests to inconvenience and amplify time pressure on an opponent that is running low on time. However, obvious forms of this abuse could be addressed by reporting to the moderators.

However this feature is designed, keeping it unobtrusive and mitigating the time delay (for the sake of live/blitz) should be kept in mind.


what about a notifacation as well? like : (“X” player) has requested an undo in this game game: Link to game.


I still like the idea of having a question mark over the last move if undo is requested instead the regular circle, that would make it easy to see straight from the thumbnail, since many correspondence players are looking those thumbnails and thinking moves in multiple games.



I can tell you as a professional front end developer, that I cringe every time I am asked to implement a pop-up modal. Luckily I have graphic designers on my team who agree with me, and they are usually able to speak with authority, dismiss the request as “bad design” and propose a better alternative.


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