Proposal: Cumulative Tournament

Since it’s possible to adjust players’ points.

How about making a series of tournaments where the points add up from the previous tournament into the next one.

The first round would still be paired by strength and the subsequent be these summary points.

This way participation beats strength.

Probably auto handicap.


This sounds like fun. How many tournaments total? There has to be an endpoint somewhere.

Or would there just be a running leaderboard?


Until we get bored, of course.

Yeah, a leaderboard. It’s going to be an interesting balance of participation and strength.

It’s even more interesting format for like a club meeting with live games.

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Ok, here’s another interesting idea. Collect all OGS title tournaments and count how many games and how many wins each player has, and make a leaderboard out of it.


But technically OGS title tournaments aren’t official OGS tournaments. And where would you put this leaderboard anyways?

Your “Through the Years” tournament may be a bit like this as well.