Proposal: Disable score estimation and analysis for ranked games

Score estimation and analysis are nice features, but they should not be enabled during ranked games.

A go player should be able to do these tasks without assistance, on their own game time:

  • counting and estimate territory (not assisted by score estimator)
  • read moves (not assisted by analysis mode)

OGS should not penalize the rank of players that choose not to develop a dependency on the score estimator and analysis mode.



You can turn off “assistance tools” by default for all your games in settings (this means your opponent won’t have access to them either).


The setting to always disable analysis only affects you. Your opponent will still have access to analysis and score estimator.

This issue has been discussed many times, however. As recently as this January:



I stand corrected.


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Since it did not get mentioned specifically, to make sure we are all on the same page:

You can disable analysis (which also disables score estimation) in the challenge settings, that makes it unable for both players.

Yes, the one in the settings is only for personal prefference, not for your opponents.


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