Provisional rank after 250+ played games

Hi there,
recently my rank changed surprisingly from 14k to 11k, after I won and I lost one game. After some more lost games my rank remained unchanged. I adjusted my rank to 13k which I only saw in my profile, not in the single games (there my ranks displayed in past the variety of 5k to 14k). Going back to the suspected wrong level of 11k, the rank was at least consistent within my games.
Today I learned that my current rank is now provisional again, impeding the enrollment of one but - fortunately - not all tournaments.
Is there someting I miss(ed) or is the rank adjustment in my account prone to mistakes?

When you manually change your rank you are given 5 provisional games.

We had a mass rank adjustment that we announced here:

Which bumped you to 11k … we did this in an automated fashion to balance out the ranks. It’s unfortunate that you decided to change it again but when you did you reset your provisional status. The way ranks are displayed in games is just that, a display thing, … it doesn’t need to be made consistent with what you see there.

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