Provisional rank players entering rank-limited games

Could you please forbid people who have no rank yet, to enter games that have rank limitation? They keep joining my hosted ranked games, although they are much stronger players. And they mess up my rank. There is a reason why I limit the player rank I want for my games, and those people with “provisional rank” can jump in anywhere.

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afaik wins/losses against provisional ranked players influence your rank only minimaly, if at all.

Is that a common problem? Unless I am mistaken I see one game against a provisional player in your last 50 matches… Provisional players are more often than not beginners and they need to be able to get in some games, so I am not sure restricting them so much would not cause major issues for new players :slight_smile:

And indeed the rank impact should be pretty fair. Even for non-provisional players the system recalculates past matches based on how the rank of the player changes, so if your opponent turns out to be stronger than what was thought during the actual game you can get some points back in retrospect. :slight_smile:


If you think the provisional player is a sandbagger, then report them, and the moderators will investigate.