Pseudo-live option for games

This is just a thought bubble inspired by: Disable analysis by default or put it as an option in Automatch
Pseodo-live would work like this. Two clocks. One correspondence clock that works in the usual way and one live clock for the same game that starts as soon as you see your opponents move.
Probably too much bother to implement and I’m not sure how much interest in it there would be but if you like the idea or would vary it somehow chime in, it’s just a thought bubble. :grin:

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This could be neat.

Basically, the clock only ticks while you are looking at the game.

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Well from that point onwards until you move. Once you’ve peeked at it I think it should tick just like live, even if you leave.

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Yeah, true - that might be best. So don’t look until you have time to play a turn. Nice!

… and of course, the Analysis tool would be disabled :wink: :smiley:

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This looks very much like sealed moves in long match games :slight_smile:

If this were to be implemented, I can alerady guess what the next improvement request would be: one would want, once they know the opponent has come up with their move, to be able to look at the game as they had left it (so they can remember the state they left the game as) before the opponent’s move is revealed.

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Analysis disabled by default, yes. Just you and your brain.:thinking:

… the way it ought to be :smiley: :smiley:

(Oh, the naughtiness!)

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Yes exactly like sealed moves and you are right, people would want the option to see the board pre-reveal without the live clock ticking. I didn’t think of that because I normally only play one full-size correspondence game at a time and I store the position with slate and clamshell.
Since it would be absurdly easy for anyone who wanted to, to keep a copy of the board position in some fashion and people would like the feature, I say ‘yes’ if doable, worth doing.


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