Public SCM project, BTS and roadmap


On a similar way to what has been done on github for the score estimator and the gtp2ogs, it would be nice for the website (the other front-office/back-office parts) to have in public access:

  • sources repository (at least some relevant branches)
  • bug tracking system
  • roadmap and milestones is a great idea and we easily can see what non-existent features count for users but it’s hard to see which ones OGS developers want to focus on and to what priority do they pin them.

I also like a lot the Changelog page but no changes appear for 2016 and the current version (4.4-33) does not appear on the page so we can deduce it’s not up to date.

Anyway, there’s nothing critical so far but it migth be nice little improvements :slight_smile:


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