Put analysis as an option in automatch (normal, correspondence, blitz)

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I saw this topic has been published one time (probably several times). I coudn’t find an open topic.

My question is simple : can admin add “disable game analysis” (for all type of game) as an option in automatch ?

In my point of view, a player shouldn’t use this tool in any serious game (ranked game for example). The tool kills the ability to choose a direction, to read a semeai, to know the state of a life and death problem etc…If a player want to study the game (semeai, direction, life and death, etc), he should do it at the end of the game or simply study what he wants in a demo. He will learn that in go, we, go players, should make choices in our head.

Other point, some people said that in correspondance game a player with this tool disabled can analyze the game offline. Yes he can but it’s soooooo annoying to do it after each move.

My objective after this topic :

  • Get an option in automatch
  • If a player of a game disabled the option in his profil settings, the other people automaticly can’t use the analysis tool

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Based on the rest of your post, I’m assuming that you mean the option to disable analysis. If not, I apologize for the assumption.

You could enable the option to always disable analysis in the settings menu. This would only affect you, but then again if your opponents are using analysis in games they’re really only hurting themselves. Another option would be to create a custom game. These are usually accepted rather quickly and give you the ability to set them up exactly to your liking.

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As the OP observed, this has come up before.

There are a set of people, myself included, who would love it if disabled-analysis were the standard, or at least able to be specified in the standard way of getting a game (automatch).

And also in ladders.

The feeling is that it’s better to play this way - I certainly learn and grow more when I do - but I don’t want to shift the playing field unfairly in doing so.

IE I want us both to be playing with analysis disabled. It just feels “only fair”. Although it would be “the noble thing to do”, I’m just not motivated enough to have analysis disabled for myself if my opponent doesn’t have it that way.

I certainly do enjoy the occasional custom game I play with analysis disabled, but personally I mostly either play automatch or ladders, so it doesn’t help much there.


Disabling it in ladders would be meaningless. It is so trivial to transpose the position into any other sgf app that there is no reason to disable by default analysis in correspondence games.

Having it as a toggle option for automatch is another matter, and can’t see a reason not to implement such an option. And, of course, it’s already possible in open challenges.


It’s not actually meaningless at all. It means “I agree not to use analysis tools”, in the same way that I agree not to use bots, or joseki dictionary in live.

I’ve played in “analysis disabled correspondence tournies” before, and actually my Go improved most dramatically during that time.


and you are free to disbale analysis for your own games universally… but why do you feel this should be taken away from every other ladder player, if by your own admission, not using it actually helps your game?

I tried to explain that :slight_smile:

I want to play on a level playing field. So it is attractive to play in a “we all agree to have analysis turned off” enviroment, but not attractive to hobble myself (even if it is a long-term benefit) if my opponent is also not following the same rules.

This is irrational if you are a Vulcan, but seems quite understandable as a human…

… it occurs to me that it’s really about the ability to set the contract.

It’s not so much “having a button that stops me analysing the game”, because obviously I can stop myself by selecting that option, and I can analyse even if it’s disabled if I want to cheat.

It’s much more about having a mechanism whereby the parties agree that the rules will be that we won’t analyse.

It’s not clear why we should have this contract clause available for custom games, but not auto ones.


I play correspondence because I don’t have time to play a whole game otherwise. I’m never going to bother with transposing a game to conduct some analysis. Like @Eugene I’ve enjoyed analysis disabled correspondence tourneys and try not to use analysis generally but the flesh is weak.

My ideal solution would be for analysis to be disabled generally and for it to be an option per game and in your settings but that if one player enables it, it’s enabled for both.


I don’t know well automatch since I don’t play live games. For what I recall, the nice side of automatch is that you only have to push one button.
But it looks reasonable to have some (few) options in that context, so… why not?

What I really don’t understand is the “level ground” thing. It seems to me that it’s just matter of winning a game. A very competitive way of approaching the game.
Anyway, my thoughts are just my business, I can’t apply them to other people and that’s just the reason for we can’t change a global setting to please just some players.

Let’s make an option for groups to have ladders with disabled analysis and let people choose which ladder is more suitable for them.


I like this idea a lot!

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I agree with you. They only hurt their own go.

But it changes everything about the level of a player and his elo. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why the ranking system on this server is harder than other servers ^^


One important aspect of automatch is that it provides a common ruleset for matchmaking. Any option will divide the pool (e.g. different board sizes).

I almost never use automatch because there are usually no opponents in the pool. I’d like if there were, but with another option, it will surely never happen.

I can see your general point of disabling analysis to keep the opponent from handicapping themselves with detrimental features. But since I believe in free choice and also that OGS should proudly display its features instead of greying them out, I personally prefer the status quo.


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