Putting profile button on top menu bar

Call me egotistical, but I’d like to see a profile button on the top menu bar so that I can easily access my profile. The only way that I can do so now is by going through the drop down menu bar on the left and clicking profile. Clicking on my avatar also doesn’t show an option to go to my profile, so I think having a profile button at the top would be convenient.



If you click on the link that is your name in any of the millions of places it appears, and click again in the popup on your name, you end up at your profile. That’s how I get to mine :slight_smile:

Does that help?

You can also middle or ctrl+click to open the profile in a new tab.

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Right, but I’m in the ‘Play’ tab quite often which is one of the places where my profile does not appear, and I would like a one-click option.

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It’s fascinating the myriad different ways people use the site. I spend literally negligible time on the Play tab. Which I guess is a testament to how easy it is to get a game here (and maybe that I don’t play lots of games in parallel).


I also have suggested this to crocro and he told me post to forum but i got too lazy and forgot XP. love the idea

I agree with this suggestion.

me too.

I for once never(!) use the “Lobby” button, Because besides the friendslist, I have all information on my profil page + my games from yesterday, where I may a little review + win/lose statistics, the current rank status (and his developing within the last games).

From my perspective I would say: Lose the ‘Lobby’ button and put the ‘Profil’ button in the upper row. But of course it only my Side-using-behavior.

Lobby button? Are you loading the site with an alternative English dialect from en-US? I don’t see that button.

I think by lobby he’s referring to the home page.

I dont know

But I hope we can discuss about the functions, not the language set, furhter.

And if its only my issue, than dont bother I can live with it…


I too use my profile almost exclusively over the home page.

i support @sTan 's idea. the profile page is just more functional as a whole. i like to review my own games and often cant finish a review in one sitting. for game history and review history i need to access my profile. additionally there are all the nice rank graphics :slight_smile:.

the lobby (home) page presents no information that i cant find on the profile page as well, which makes it almost redundant.

(what about an option to arrange pages individually?)

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@mlopezviedma has mentioned a number of times in the forums that a new ranking system is on its way to OGS. Perhaps bundled with that they have plans to revisit how the profile (and possibly home) pages are displayed?

profile: Yes!
home: I don’t think so.

In any case, PRs are always welcome! :smiley:

Sorry, mental blank… what’s a PR?

“Pull Request”.

“PRs are always welcome” translates to “if you code it up, we’ll consider it”.



To expand on @GreenAsJade’s explanation:

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I didn’t even know OGS was open source.

Well, I made the PR request and hopefully it gets accepted.