Puzzle creating: Dutch notification?

When giving in a new puzzle on the puzzle page, I received a notification in Dutch: aanvraag was verstikt (literal google translation: application was stifled).
Apart from that it made me feel really at home and I can read it, I am not sure what it means.

BTW: not really a problem, retrying got me further.


I would guess this is an automatic translation of “request was throttled”, which means that the server got too many messages at once, and decided to block a few.

Strange thing is that I can’t find this translation anywhere on the translation server either…

Do you have your main language set to Dutch as well? If not, I assume it’s your browser that decided to automatically translate something.


No, main language is set to English (and my profanity filter is set to Chinese, but that is another story).

That would make sense. I was creating empty puzzle formats in a speedy tempo, later to be filled with stones, etc.

By the way

sounds more Belgian than Dutch, so maybe it was Belgian translator of English who just drank to many Duvels.

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