Puzzle from a recent game. Black to kill

Bonus question: how many moves kill?


Does this corner position have a name?


It also appears in a video by Haylee (shape #7):


I had guessed that the two hanes would work, but could not work out that then going inside at J8 would be the third move.

Are there other ways to kill that do not lead with the hane(s)?


is it H6 followed by G9?

side note: it would be helpful if I could play around with this puzzle on OGS and read it out in analyze mode

I’m not aware of one. How about “Botched 3-3 Point Invasion”?


Haylee’s video has a black stone at d8, but I don’t think it matters. j4 is still the cleanest killing blow. I’m pretty certain g9 kills. Maybe j8 kills, too, but I haven’t fully read it out.

No. :frowning: White lives after h6 j6, g9 j4.

P.S.: Here’s an analysis board: https://online-go.com/demo/397812


thank you very much for creating the analysis board

I came up with a variation that killed in 33 moves, but I haven’t done a lot to check if white could escape that sequence some other way

I think the question was about killing G6, not C6.

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oh man, I’m probably going to be bashing my head against this problem for days now! :wink:

Sick burn :smiley:

It’s a “standard” 8 space eye shape; life and death status in cho chikun “all about life and death” vol 1. Book has a stone at D8, I’m also not 100% sure of the impact on life and death of the stones; so far only seeing that white could leave the 2 stones and connect to C6 ? As in, black J4, white F9. If black blocks the connection, white would live with the standard sequence ? So I think that’s how D8 matters ? Will study some more :slight_smile:


Correct. You can’t let it become like https://senseis.xmp.net/?JGroup#toc3