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I was thinking…

Puzzels could be a great way to learn some concepts or tricks (I think). Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a -show solution- button?

Right now if I don’t know an answer to some of the harder puzzles, I am left with clicking blindly (which can take a lot of time when the puzzle is branched). As it is now basically, the puzzels serve to assure those who understand them that they are good, but are almost useless to those who do not get it and do not have the patience to click all the possible spaces.

Maybe such a button could show itself only after several failed attempts to keep us from getting lazy, but I would love to find out some of the mysteries of the harder puzzles, but asking more experienced players seems like an unnecessary hassle and would be impractical anyway…

just a though…

Maybe you are doing it wrong.
How do you know the answer? Not by looking at the solution, but by solving the problem yourself.

DISCLAIMER: I actively hate interactive tsumego (on OGS, Android, goproblems, whatever), because after a few problems I end up clicking madly until it says DONE. I learn nothing. Nothing. Not a thing. It is just so tempting to look at the answer and know it in an instant. Not to discover it by myself. It is (at least for me) the wrong way to tsumego.
However, it’s only one school of thought (see http://senseis.xmp.net?BeginnersGuideToGoProblems). I can definitely see the value of “mindless” repetition (in the beginning, I thought it’s the way to go for me), but I acknowledge that it is not for everyone as well. (For example, I like josekifarm very much, because there’s a little gap between the initial position and an end position, which is helpful in deciding which branch of possibility one prefers.)

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Well, yes and no. Thank you for your answer and I know what you mean, but I still think that having the option to check the solution could be beneficial for many players.

I know that people are lazy and many would just check the solution and not try it themselves. That’s why I am proposing some time or failed attempts delay until the button appears. It’s not foolproof sure, but more or less if they want to get lazy and just see the solution its their choice and their problem.

Of course I learn by solving the problem. However, there are problems I just can’t solve yet, not by lack of determination, but by a lack of experience or understanding. Right now if I encounter such a problem I learn nothing (other than that I am not good enough). If I could see the solution (or even a short message explaining the move/moves) I could maybe learn a new concept or have this epiphany (oh, that’s what they want/ how it is/ what I can do) and next time I encounter similar issue I would be able to solve it myself and feel better - I would learn.

it’s your choice to click rather than read it out to see if it really does work :stuck_out_tongue:

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