Puzzles don't work

Yesterday I tried some puzzles from your collection and it worked fine. When I tried to continue this evening, I couldn’t enter a move. Usually I’m using Chrome, but it also didn’t work in Firefox and Edge. I also tried several puzzle collections, but none works.
The joseki trainer works well. I can enter moves.
Am I doing something wrong? Are there any configurations I can do? Or is there a bug on your site?

I’m having the same issue.

It’s related to December AI Updates and should be fixed soon.

Yep should be fixed tomorrow, sorry all


This same thing happens when you open any finished game at the moment. It does show the recommended next moves by the AI, but only after clicking the last column of the AI analysis graph (or maybe also with other tricks, but this is the on I found) the board becomes clickable.

This problem appears to be resolved now. Please leave a detailed comment if you’re still experiencing issues after refreshing your page.

This still isn’t working. Detailed comment is: moves aren’t auto-played after I play a move. I’ve just told a new player hey, look at this page, it’s a good page to learn, when it’s completely broken! They must be getting frustrated.

Specifically here: online-go.com/learn-to-play-go

Yikes, thanks for letting me know, I’ll get that fixed up tomorrow!

Sorry, it seems its still not working.

@onehandfulofearth, what in particular is not working? The learn to play go puzzles appear to be working for me, so I guess you might be referring to something else?

They work for me. Could you please provide more details? Is the problem the same for you as described above and on what device?

Okay, for example on Chikun’s second problem: https://online-go.com/puzzle/10602

I play the correct move, say A2, but then the other color doesn’t respond, so I have to play both colors until I complete one of the branches.

But its like that for all problems in the set and it used to work fine. On the other hand, other problem sets do seem to work.


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Thanks for pointing out the specific issue. I’m sure @anoek will want to take a look at it.

This is a optional feature when creating a puzzle set, requiring more precise reading to see if you chose the best moves for both colors. It is not that common in the west, but I believe it is very common in Korea for example.

I do not think there is an error.


@AdamR is correct, this is a setting that the puzzle author set explicitly. It can either be “automatic”, where the opponent color moves after you move, or it can be manual, where you make the moves. The default is automatic.

Oh that’s interesting, I assumed it was a bug because I did the same set months ago and it was automatic rather than manual. Thanks for your help.


I am writing about a fault in the Problems section of OGS.

When I move my cursor over the board the board goes blank.

I hope someone can sort this for me, so I can get back to practicing.

kind regards