Puzzles for newbies

Hi all,

I have ran through Mark5000’s Stone Development & tactics tutor (plus started on Exercises for beginners and Frans Library.

Out of the rest of the (many) puzzles are there any more you could recommend to a beginner?

Cheers for any tips…

Have you done the Cho Chikun Encyclopedia of Life and Death?

If not - highly recommended:

it has a nice progression from very simple to highly complex - take your time



side note: I don’t know why my link to the puzzle’s front page makes it look like i’m linking you to the whole OGS site, but honest- it’s just a link to the puzzle page

I completely agree, highly recommended. There is definitely a proper way to do Tsumego, and a wonderful treatment of that topic can be found in the free Go book, 81 Little Lions: An Introduction to the 9x9 Board for Advanced Beginners , by Immanuel deVillers, page 20.


thanks both. i am combining the puzzles with playing badly. I did a largish amount of 9x9 and seem to have a stable (low) rank from that so am switching to 19*19 where I am a bit more at sea but I equally don’t want to get too fixated on little board sizes which will make jumping up to full size harder the longer i leave it.


Not harder. Some knowledge will be useful. There will simply be many new and different things to learn :nerd_face:.

For beginners on basic living and dying, i recommend franz’s collection https://online-go.com/puzzle/5

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@_KoBa isn’t this identical to the first 350 of Cho’s puzzles?

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Upon further examination the puzzles in @Françisa’s collection (@_KoBa’s recommendation) are not as polished as the ones in @walken’s collection (@tonybe’s recommendation).

Both collections cover the same 350 problems from Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life & Death (links: One, Two, Review, CD, PDF). Though Walken’s contains all 900 problems, while Fran’s contains the first 350. Visually there are less marks on the board in Fran’s collection. Instead, textual description seems to be favored instead.

Walken’s regularly contain links to Go concepts that are explained in further detail on Sensei’s Library. Walken also made a note about trying to further the coverage of each puzzle, though there is no way to know which puzzles received what degree of treatment.

From Walken’s Puzzles:
For now I am concentrating on the missing puzzles (starting with 313-349) and trying to make annotated solutions (much like in pi134ever’s puzzles) for puzzles 1 to 189. For the puzzles I cover, I am also trying to provide more explanations to some of the solutions, such as describing the follow-up moves for both players after a Ko.

After trying out a few of the Cho Chikun Encyclopedia puzzle sets, Walken’s remains my personal favorite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Visual Comparison Of A Few Problems

Problem 2 - Francisa (Top), Walken (Bottom)

Problem 8 - Francisa (Top), Walken (Bottom)

Problem 17 - Francisa (Top), Walken (Bottom)


Oh i see, so walken’s set is lot wider! Yeh, then i highly recommend it too ^___^

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Some good sets from Tsumego Hero:

Easy Capture: https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/117
Easy Life: https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/104
Easy Kill: https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/105
Tsumego Dictionary Volume 1 (Part 1): https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/90
Tsumego Dictionary Volume 1 (Part 2): https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/94
Korean Problem Academy 1: https://tsumego-hero.com/sets/view/67


https://online-go.com/puzzle/15438 Beginning shapes by mrkomi, made after this post stopped being active. This is always the first one I recommend.

Also, https://online-go.com/puzzle/7470 endgame tesujis - I think endgame should be one of the first things to learn cuz it is easy to understand and decisive in ddk level.

I would also like to note that I hate Cho Chikun elementary and all the people who recommended it to me as a newbie. It made me dread tsumego for months. That is not a beginner collection. It’s Cho Chikun being his usual troll self.