Puzzles section does not render well on mobile devices


I commonly access OGS from my tablet (Nexus 7 for reference, but I don’t think it’s important here). The main screen & the game pages load okay, but the puzzles section could use some help.

It appears that loading a puzzle involves only rendering part of the goban or trying to zoom the goban to a certain width. What I am typically finding is that the board will overlap the part of the page giving the puzzle details (which set it’s in, the puzzle number, rating, etc). Sometimes the puzzle details are underneath (layered below) the board, sometimes they are further down (ie scrolling down) on the page. It’s very inconsistent. This layout problem occurs regardless of the orientation of the tablet.

So while I can practice my tsumego from my tablet, it’s very hard and inconvenient to do so! Can this be made more clean?