Puzzles: Utaro Hashimoto

The first batch of Hashimoto puzzles is ready (and there are many more puzzles available).
I have entered 103 puzzles, with captions and difficulty level, but without “wrong answer”-sequences and explanations. Checked and double checked them and hopefully not too many mistakes are left in this collection.
The entering of puzzles in the Puzzle section is a tedious routine task, and it is very easy to make mistakes.

The puzzles vary in difficulty between 15-5 k (but this is only my opinion).

One characteristic of Hashimoto’s puzzles is that he only gives the bare minimal solution. Sometimes he claims a group is alive. When you doubt this, you can play on and see for yourself.
Two puzzles for the price of one. Isn’t that nice?

Enjoy & if you have feedback … well, you know where to find me :grin:


Just finished checking batch 2 which consists of 71 puzzles.
Advice: consume moderately.

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The second puzzle of the first set is quite interesting. Although it was rated 10k, I failed it twice.

The fourth one is also tricky for such a simple-looking position. I failed that one twice as well.

Heh, the fifth one also looks kinda hard.

I guess my life and death skills really need work…

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I rated the puzzles. I could very well (and probably will) be wrong about it.
In these collections I only assign three ratings from my point of view (circa 10k): hard (5k), medium (10k) and easy (15k).

Haha, not only yours but also mine.


Are all moves that fulfill the objective (ie. to live, to kill etc.) correct? Or are there some that work but are marked incorrect because they lose points, leave bad aji etc.?

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I don’t know, although I realised that his solutions are usually okay, but that it takes time to find out and realise this.
The book is in Japanese :grin:


I ask because there appear -ed to be two ways to live in Set 1 #5.

The “correct” move

and the “incorrect” move

Wait, no… the second one actually dies.

White is dead here – Black has no need to fill inside, so it’s a classic straight three:


On Set 1 #9, two moves seem to live.

Does the “incorrect” one leave more ko threats?

The “correct” life:

The “incorrect” life:

Puzzle #12 is another tricky one… alright, I’ll shut up now ^w^