Query about my vacation time

My vacation time has been on 4 weeks and 2 days since I joined OGS a year ago. Am I supposed to get more time the longer I play or is this the max?

That’s the maximum. It’ll refill over time if you end vacation after using up some of the time .

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Could it be that total vacation time has been increased?
(I recently took five days.)

Okay, now I’m officially stumped.

On the old site extra vacation time was one of the benefits of being a site supporter like trohde. It’s not mentioned on the “Support OGS” page, but it should be if they’re still doing that because it’s a great perk.

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Oh, I wasn’t aware of that.

Now, if only I could transfer that vacation time over to Real Life™ …

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7 weeks vacation sounds perfect :smile:

Yep you’re exactly right, we ported this over when we merged. Non supporters have up to 30 days of vacation, and each day regenerates at 1/8th speed (so 8 days gets you one day of vacation). Supporters have a maximum of 60 days and regenerate at 1/5th speed. … and yeah we should probably document those on the supporter page :wink: