Question about a specific go book (The Vital Points of Go: Shukaku Takagawa)

I came across a book called Vital Points, which I havent found very much information for it in terms of recommended books (such as and Does anyone know if the book is any good and if they own it, what level (X kyu,X dan) it is recommended for? Thanks in advance

Is it this one?

Or this?

(Reviews or links to reviews on that pages.)

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I apologize for not being specific. It is the second book. The Vital Points of Go by Shukaku Takagawa. Thank you for the link. If anyone has any personal experience with the book, please let me know

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Ah, no problem, you’re welcome :slight_smile: So that review by David Carlton didn’t make you too happy? The review is not that bad IMHO, and … at least it’s an antiquarian book meanwhile, which would definitely make it worth having in a Go library—at least for an obsessive-compulsive collector like me :grinning: (and sorry, I haven’t read it).

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Im leaning towards buying it, as it seems like a good book to have, though not the most essential (though that can be subjective based on the person reading it). I agree with your statement, but Im still curious as to what rank range I should consider looking into this book. I do appreciate your input nonetheless.

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I have it. I rate it 5k to low-mid dan after a quick look through.


Thank you very much, this helps out alot.