Question about automatic counting in this game

I would please ask you if you could tell me in this game if its allowed to do what I did or if its not fair play and I have to give my game as lost. What happend was the following:
My oponent with white passed.
I had some advantage and saw by the automatic counting that I had more points and passed too.
In the first moment I saw more points in black but after a few seconds all points turned white and the reason is because from my side there was a stone that I missed to put to close the whole territory and win.
I felt stupid. Then I saw that there is the botton to continue the game and I pressed. This could give me the oportunity to put the last stone and win.

Now my question. Is this correct? My feeling is that the object of this botton is to be used in case of disagreement in counting, but really there was no disagreement here, I forgot to put the last stone.
I told my opponent what I did and my feeling and he said that I was in doubt. He with a very fair play and as I gentleman that I guess he is accepted the counting as if I closed the terrritory but I thing that perhaps I have to accept that I lost. I just want to win when I deserve it and and error is an error and you have to learn from them. Would you please give my your opinion about this? Thank you in advance

your opponent was fine with having lost this game. its ok for you to resume play in this case, although its kinda bad form. but you are not intentionally abusing the feature and you are also not changing the outcome of the game. black is clearly winning. the scoring AI just has a problem with open borders.
in the future be sure to close all borders before ending the game even if your opponent passes (thats also on your opponent of course, who passed first).

thats my take on it, but in the end it all about agreement :wink:


Thank you very much for your answer and I will be more carefull with that in the future.