Question about bots

Hello everybody,
I ve searched but did not find : is there posts I could read about bots workings and about the bot’s author work ?
I sometimes play bots games and I d like to know few things about it.

OGS : thanks for this great and smart go platform.

A good place to start would be science articles and academic papers about how neural networks function. Here’s a 2016 article about Alpha Go:

Deep Mind’s Alpha Go blog also has some good resources:

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The bots here are all run by individual users, not OGS itself, so it’s be dependent on which bot you’re wanting to learn more about. Each one has different implementations, from true neural net AIs, MCTS, or just basic static algorithms for the weaker bots.


yes if you go to the group there are instructions on there that you can find out more :slight_smile:

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