Question about cornering stones in app

Hello. This is from the android app go (full version). The bottom left corner: Can someone tell me little thing about whites group, he planted me an easter egg there that I can‘t kill, why?

Black is dead in the lower left corner, because black has no move to finish the ko. So white can leisurely respond to every threat until black has nothing more to try. There are situations in which neither player can kill the other (Seki).


Eye versus No Eye Capturing Race


Can you take a peek at the end result and tell me where I lost?
It was +2 for white without komi and 5 initial black stones.

I am not strong enough to figure out how the game went from an image of the final result. If you upload an sgf file or something, then I can help.

The android app sadly doesn‘t allow to hand back an sgf file. Maybe someone else will help.

I think there’s not much to see in a finished game. Especially since a huge part of go is about timing and knowing when to respond.

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any go app will give you a sgf file.
and if there really is one that doesn’t do that, dump it. There are loads of free apps that play go.

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Then you can always open a demo and replay the game. It should just take a few minutes. And maybe the first 100 moves would be enough.

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My App doesn‘t hand back an sgf.file.

It does have buttons to go through the game, so if you want comments on the game, I would suggest you follow @SanDiego’s advice and replay in on a demo board on the OGS site.

It seems the demo board is private, hence invisible for us… But now that you have made an sgf, it should be easy to download the private game and either upload it to a demo board that is public, or post it here on the forum

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Okay. Here is the Link:

I made also a Variante corner, where I cleared the bottom left corner.

Maybe you could have a peek.

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You could easily have saved the upper right stones, while keeping the initiative (see variation).

General comment: you tend to play too close to white and that results in weak stones. Unfortunately the app seems to be weak so it doesn’t punish you. For example A11 is too small and white should not respond directly (see variation). Try to keep in mind the big picture and play large moves, just like you did with the very good moves at K4 and Q10.

Thank you for commenting