Question about my solution to a problem

Not sure this question is in the right place, but I was just wondering if my solution to this problem is ok, or what I’m missing:

It comes from an app called ‘Tsumego Pro’.I Indicated my solution in the top variation, then the one Tsumego Pro says is correct.

Am I missing a ko, seki, or something else even more obvious? Just thought it would be interesting (or possibly embarrassing…) to get a comment on it if anyone has the time. It’s considered “hard” in the app, so kyu players beware! (I’m a 10k, no offense intended.)

I think you should check a bit deeper. After black captures in your variation, how does white play? What is the variation you read where white can kill?

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Ha ha. Yeah. I looked at it again. Just needed to spend a little more time. Thanks anyway!

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