Question about playing computer on the site

Hello guys, I am relatively new to this site and I can’t figure something out. I try to start a game with computer but about 70% it says my request is rejected. I tried changing settings too but it’s same way.

Another kind of related question is this. Why is it while I am able to see game requests from people seeking an opponent but it says “can’t accept?”

I’m not familiar with bot limitations but when it comes to “can’t accept” placing the pointer over this will typically yield more info. Usually a rank restriction.


Look at the bots profile page, many of them have restrictions such as ‘can only play 19x19’

As for games you can’t accept, the most common reason is that they have set a specific rank requirement that you fall outside of (this can still be the case even if you and the other person are the same rank if they chose to only allow stronger or weaker players)