Question about rank difference in match making

My apologies in advance if this is already asked and answered or addressed in any other way. I tried searching for it and failed to find any answers, which is why I’m creating a topic, but I vaguely remember seeing something before about this, and I would appreciate it if anyone could link it to me if this is a duplicate.

It seems like my rank restrictions mean nothing recently. I’ve assumed that ranked matches were locked to a specific range (9 stones difference at most, if memory serves me right), but I got matched with a variety of different ranks of opponents. Some of them had a different rank displayed in game and in their profile, so I brushed it off at first. Then it got annoying, and I added a range filter to games I create, but that seems to do nothing.

As an example, in my last game, I restricted the rank from 12 to 7 kyu and got matched against a 3d (while being a 10kyu). Are there any changes I’ve missed? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Can I prevent such huge gaps? Those games, although educational, make me nervous, and I feel like I won’t play a good enough game out of fear of being outranked by that much.

Did you use automatch? If you did, can you provide a screenshot of your automatch preferences (blitz preferences if you pressed automatch blitz, normal preferences if you pressed automatch normal).


No I created a custom game with these settings:

Max rating 7 dan should explain all.


wow… I feel extremely dumb now. Thanks for catching that.

But what about before I enabled the restricted rank? And even with this, shouldn’t ranked games be limited to 9 stones difference?

No, that restriction was lifted a while ago after lots of discussion and for good reasons if I recall correctly.


No need to feel dumb, what matters is case solved, you gonna get the matches you wanted

Have fun.